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ELVAL S.A. holds a prominent position among the international rolled aluminum companies, exporting to over 70 countries. ELVAL leads a group of companies for recycling, rolling and processing aluminum, with major subsidiary of the in Great Britain, Bridgnorth Aluminium.

ELVAL S.A. is known for its quality products and services, emphasizes on human resources management and environmental care. The company has integrated its operation to the principles of Sustainable Development and has developed a comprehensive program of environmental management and prevention. ELVAL applies a certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004. ELVAL together with its subsidiaries is the largest aluminium recycler in Greece, recycling around 150.000 tn per year, including the internal return of the factories.

Additionally, ELVAL within its broader strategy to develop the recycling of aluminum, has created the Aluminium Cans Recycling Centre (KANAL), in Maroussi. This is a model center that receives, buys and packages used aluminum beverage cans, which then forwards to the ELVAL factory at Oinofyta for recycling in the production process.

KANAL also works as a place of communication and information, especially for schools on the process and benefits of recycling and organizes training programs and competitions for primary education on the Environment and Recycling.

ELVAL’s production is characterized by the following features:

  • High quality products that are competitive internationally (over 80% of production exported mainly in demanding markets such as Europe, USA, Australia and Far East)

  • Production flexibility that allows penetration of demanding aluminum market sectors, such as automotive, food packaging, etc.

  • The sale of stock in standard dimensions for immediate service

  • After sales technical support

  • Offering integrated solutions through synergies with related companies

  • Recycling of aluminium scrap for the production

The annual production capacity of ELVAL’s rolled products, now stands at approximately 200.000 tons. The production is certified according to Quality Assurance System ISO 9001: 2000 and the international standards (EN, AA standards) or in accordance with the specific requirements of each customer.


The ELVAL produces flat products (rolled) in the form of aluminum strips (coils) sheets and foil. In production terms, ELVAL represents approximately 4.5% of European and close to 1.5% of world production industry.

ELVAL with its products addresses to the following sectors:

Ø Building and Construction with painted and non-painted aluminium sheets and strips

Ø Flexible Food Packaging with minimum foil thickness 6,35

Ø Soft drinks, Beer and Food packaging

Ø Terrestrial and marine mass transport with high Magnesium alloy sheets

Ø Automobile

Ø General Mechanical Uses

Benefits of aluminium recycling

Aluminium can be recycled continuously without any loss of its properties. In relation to the production of primary aluminium, aluminium recycling has the following advantages:

· conserves about 4 tons of bauxite per ton of aluminum

· conserves about 95% of the required energy required, which is valid whenever recycled

· conserves about 95% of CO2 emissions