ECORECOVERY SA, a company actively integrated in the Alternative Fuel (AF) Market, was established in 2015.

Embracing the Circular Economy concept, ECORECOVERY’s core business focuses on recovering solid non-hazardous waste and raw materials to produce high quality Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). A wide range of non-recyclable commercial and industrial (C&I) waste streams is used to derive the final RDF/SRF product which is thereafter supplied as a substitute to conventional fossil fuels in energy intensive installations (e.g. cement plants).

ECORECOVERY SA has commissioned two state-of-the-art RDF/SRF Plants, one located in the Industrial Area of Sindos Thessaloniki (“NORDECO” Plant) and another one located in Viotia in the Mainland of Greece (“ECORECOVERY” Plant). Due to their flexible and fully automated design, both installations are able to manage more than 60,000tn/year of C&I waste with a recovery rate that exceeds 97%. Already accumulated know-how and constantly growing experience are combined with standard processing methods and systematic Quality Control monitoring, to guarantee that the manufactured SRF/RDF meets any given specifications according to International Standards (CEN - EN 15359:2011:E / 2011-11 / ICS 75.160.10 “Solid Recovered Fuels - Specifications and Classes”).

Driven by the Sustainable Development principles, ECORECOVERY SA provides reliable solutions specifically for the domestic Cement Industry, covering a significant portion of its SRF/RDF supply chain. Besides diverting tens of thousands of tonnes of waste from landfilling, ECORECOVERY SA plays a crucial role in reducing Green House Gas emissions (e.g. CO2, NOx), ultimately mitigating the Industrial Sector’s environmental impact towards a carbon neutral Economy.