ECORESET S.A. was founded in 2010. The company develops techniques for the industrial separation of complex material streams and the recovery of usable raw materials and resources, aiming at their reintroduction into the production chain and maximum diversion from landfill.

Today, the company has evolved into a modern Urban Mine with production lines featuring modern technical equipment and staffed with highly trained workers.

Applying the best available practices and in full compliance with the institutional framework, ECORESET performs environmental processing of cables and electrical/electronic equipment at the end of their life, as well as mechanical milling residues and other composite materials, from which it recovers useful components, secondary raw materials (metals, plastics, aggregates, etc.) and materials for energy recovery by the industry.

Following closely the hierarchy of European legislation on sustainable waste management and the principles of Circular Economy, the company gives priority to reuse, recovery of recyclable materials and energy recovery, achieving the exploitation of more than 96% on the total of materials received.

Constantly investing in research and development of know-how, ECORESET pursues the continuous quality improvement of its products and services, the prudent and rational use of natural resources combined with the minimization of the negative impact of its activities on the environment, as well as the protection of health and safety at work. In this context, it has adopted an Integrated Management System on Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, in accordance with the requirements of ISO  9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 45001 and Information Security Management according to ISO 27001.

At the same time, ECORESET has adopted and strictly applies a Zero Tolerance Policy to delinquency and is responsibly accountable for 100% of the quantities received.

With this environmental performance, for which it has been repeatedly awarded, the company contributes positively to the protection of citizens' health from the leakage of harmful substances into land, air and water.