HELECTOR S.A. is the development arm of environmental and energy projects of ELLAKTOR S.A. The company holds a leading role in the field of waste management in Greece and Cyprus.

HELECTOR S.A has built the largest landfills in Attica and Thessaloniki, and has undertaken the rehabilitation of landfill sites formerly used as Refuse Disposal Sites in the same areas, the construction of corresponding projects throughout the territory, as well as the construction and operation of the sole Waste Transhipment Station and Landfills in Paphos Cyprus.

One of the major projects undertaken by the HELECTOR through participation in VEAL SA (50%), is the construction and operation of privately owned power cogeneration of electricity and heat from biogas in Ano Liosia Attica, one of the biggest stations worldwide with an installed capacity of 24 MWe. Meanwhile, HELECTOR has built and operates the corresponding unit at Tagarades Thessaloniki, with installed capacity of 5 MWe.

In the services sector, it is worth mentioning the collection and processing of packaging materials by 16 municipalities in the provinces of Nicosia and Limassol, Cyprus. Also, since May 2009 in the Municipality of Fyli, the company operates a private treatment facility that treats commercial and industrial waste and recyclables, with a capacity of 100.000 tons per year.

The presence of HELECTOR as a leader in waste management, is supported by the German subsidiary Herhof GmbH, which has developed innovative methods of drying organic compost in closed bioreactors that apply to more than a total of 50 installations worldwide. Moreover, HELECTOR participates in the management company of organic drying and mechanical separation unit of municipal waste in the city of Osnabrück, Germany, serving an area of 350.000 inhabitants. The unit has a capacity of 90.000 tons annually, while the main product made during the processing of waste is available as a substitute for secondary fuel in energy- intensive facilities. Additionally "HELECTOR" built two more plants of similar technology, one in Berlin with capacity of 135.000 tons per year, and one in Trier with capacity of 220.000 tons per year.

Another important project that began testing and is expected to officially inaugurate the following year, is the construction and ten year operation of treatment and waste disposal facilities of Larnaca and Famagusta Cyprus provinces, with a capacity of 176.000 tons per year, using technology of subsidiary Herhof GmbH.

Finally, in the field of renewable energy sources, in addition to producing electricity from biogas, HELECTOR has built and operates three wind farms on the islands of Rhodes, Kos and Patmos, while is it active in the field of solar energy as a supplier and manufacturer of photovoltaic systems.

The operation of HELECTOR’s units contribute to the sustainable and integrated waste management, electricity production from renewable sources, energy conservation and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. HELECTOR being oriented to the environment and applying modern technology is constantly creating new facilities providing many new jobs.