Hellenic Halyvourgia

Hellenic Halyvourgia was established as a result of the merger of the Halyvourgia of Thessaly and the Hellenic Halyvourgia, the first steel manufacturing industry founded in Greece, in 1938.

Hellenic Halyvourgia operates state-of-the-art production facilities for the manufacture of top quality steel products in Aspropyrgos, Velestino and Volos.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are both a priority and a challenge for the evolution of Hellenic Halyvourgia. Through the implementation of advanced control systems and the use of Best Available Techniques (BATs), the company ensures minimization of the damage caused on its areas of activity, as well as maximum protection for the personnel employed in its plants.

Significant investments are made every year not only to ensure compliance with legal requirements, but also to keep reducing environmental pollution. The company’s plants are equipped with modern waste gas discharge and purification systems and water recycling and purification units.

In 1998 the Halyvourgia of Thessaly, as it was called at that time, adopted the use of natural gas as fuel for its facilities, thus being the first Greek industry in the sector to replace other more polluting fuels. Hellenic Halyvourgia uses scrap as raw material, which makes it one of the largest recycling companies in Greece.