The Group of Companies A.G.E.T. HERAKLIS, Member of the Lafarge Group is the largest producer of cement in Greece with a total production capacity of 9.6 million tonnes per year.

With three cement plants in Volos, Chalkida and Milaki of Evia, six cement distribution centers and facilities for the production and marketing of inert materials and ready-mixed concrete, the Group has production presence in 29 counties throughout Greece and commercial presence throughout mainland and the islands of Greece.

The Lafarge Group is the world leader in building materials, holding leading positions in all sectors of activity: cement, aggregates materials and ready-mix concrete and plaster. It employs more than 84.000 people in 79 countries and in 2008 announced revenues of 19,0 billion euros. In 2009, and for the fifth year in a row, the Lafarge Group was among the "100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the world". Featuring the world's leading center for research and development of construction materials, Lafarge Group places innovation at heart of its priorities in the service of sustainable construction and architectural creation.

Fundamental value and a key priority in each activity of AGET Heracles, is the workplace Health and Safety. Since 2006, the company applies the Policy of Health and Safety of the Lafarge Group, having the goal of zero accidents. For the purposes of this policy, measures are taken concerning the necessary resources, equipment and infrastructure works for a safe workplace, the implementation of standards and procedures for each task performed, as well as training programs for the cultivation of a common consciousness and safety behavior among workers.

Based on sustainable development, AGET Heracles developed the program named “Sustainability Targets 2012», a set of measurable objectives in the areas of Administration, Society and Environment, which constitute a medium-term roadmap for progress on questions relating to challenges for the future of the planet and especially climate change.