LPC S.A. is the Greek oil company with a long and significant presence in the Greek, European and Mediterranean markets, with experience and high expertise. 

The company is active both in manufacturing lubricants, production and marketing of ready-packaged lubricants, as well as disposal of liquid fuels through a network service.

LPC through its subsidiaries ELTEPE and KEPED, making them the most reliable and comprehensive systems of alternative waste lubricant oils (W.L.O) and waste resulting from packaging of lubricants in Greece, demonstrates practical concern for the environment and natural wealth of the country.

LPC through its subsidiaries has developed an integrated system that aims to:

protect public health and the environment
information-awareness of the problem resulting from poor management of W.L.O.
increase the rate of regeneration of waste lubricant oils (W.L.O.) and reduction of smuggling
LPC accomplishes its mission by giving special emphasis to the protection and care of the environment, thus contributing to the actions of the successful waste management (collection-recycling) in Greece, making our country a pioneer among the countries of the European Union in the management of the W.L.O.

This is also illustrated with the certification as the first company in the field of processing and marketing of lubricants and oils, which is registered under the Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).