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The Group of TITAN companies celebrates 107 years of activity, while the parent Company S.A. TITAN Cements was founded in Greece, in 1902. Having the operational base in Greece, where the share of the parent company is listed on the stock exchange since 1912, the group currently develops vertically integrated production and commercial activity, in 12 countries. The production units apply modern technological methods to minimize the emission of dust and pollutants and carry out continuous measurements from corporate workshops. Also, there are targets to reduce energy consumption and substituting fossil fuels with alternative ones, offering solution to the huge problem of waste management that Greece is facing. The company has carried out reforestation of more than 1 million trees, in order to restore quarrying and certain areas affected by fires. Therefore it keeps nurseries, which reproduce varieties of rare local plants.
TITAN was the first Company in Greece that has signed the Universal UN Pact to safeguard human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. TITAN is a member of the European Business Network for Social Corporate Responsibility, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Initiative for the Sustainable Development of Cement Industry and also the European Alliance for CSR.