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SEPAN (former SEVIAN) established by companies operating in Greece and engage in industrial activity in the area of waste recycling and recovery of by-products and secondary raw materials in accordance with the rules of the private sector, provided that they maintain industrial facilities either a) recycling-waste recovery, by-products and secondary raw materials waste treatment, or b) waste treatment to the production of recoverable materials or c) energy recovery.


SEPAN's mission is the reinforcement of sustainable development through actions related to recycling and energy recovery.

SEPAN' s views

SEPAN considers that today, more than ever, the challenge for the Greek economy is to manage effectively the opportunities presented. In this context, SEPAN promotes its views that towards the following goals:

a ) Study, promotion, support and contribution to the development of recycling and energy recovery or other forms of waste recovery, by-products and secondary raw materials, for the general public to become aware of the importance of the institution.

b ) The development and promotion of research and technology, in cooperation with national or foreign Universities, Technical Institutes, all kinds of educational and research institutes and institutes, aiming of industrial production and services to be based on the protection and sustainable development of the environment.

c) To contribute to the development of recycling and energy recovery industry with the objective of protecting the environment within the framework of following legislation guidelines.

d) To propose laws and regulations that would strengthen the enterprises active in the overall protection and development of the environment, according to National and European guidelines. Also, the development of networks between relevant enterprises of the sector.

e) Seeking, together with the public authorities and all kinds of organizations and entities, solutions that may contribute to the protection of the environment, conserving natural resources and in sustainable development of energy recovery and recycling industries.


Areas of action

  • Protection of the environment

  • Conservation of natural resources

  • Research/Technology transfer/Communication

  • Recycling and Energy Recovery

  • International activity


    T: 211 0126708

Some of Our Members

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